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Moving Case System

Alusdoor Moving Case System removes boundaries in door installation. Doors with a moving case system can be adapted ypurs walss whatever the thickness is, and can be extended from 10 cm to the desired width with the special attachment system. Therefore in places where wall thickness vary, installation can be made easily, without much effort. With the moving case system you will save both time and labour, and you will be happy with such a visually elegant place.


•Wall thickness from 10 cm without using additional adapters - has the ability to be opened up to 16 cm.
• Thus it is reattached to different wall thicknesses.
• With additional adapters can be applied until the desired wall thickness.
• With transactions made on the sill collapsible wall thickness of up to 8 cm.
• It can be painted in the desired RAL color.
• Different door leaf can be used. (Transparent Glass Wing, Frame Glass Wing, Wing Wood, Aluminium Filling Panel Wing, Wing Swing Door) It provides ease of manufacture and assembly.
• With mounting screws are used as the bar door overlay is hidden.
• It has a wide application areas. (Hospitals, hotels, building entrance doors, Apartment Entrance Doors, Interior doors, etc.).
• Suitable for different accessory choices.
• Double wing doors are suitable for the application.